Dutch Court Rejects Case Against Indonesian President

Dutch Court Rejects Case Against Indonesian President – A Dutch court on Wednesday rejected a request by human rights activists to have Indonesia’s president arrested during a state visit to the Netherlands.

The Dutch government had earlier assured Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono he would not be arrested. But the Indonesian leader abruptly canceled a planned three-day visit Tuesday to Indonesia’s former colonial ruler.

Pro-Moluccan separatists, who call themselves the South Maluku Republic, accuse Mr. Yudhoyono of human rights abuses.

In 2007, a demonstrator unfurled a flag representing Maluku independence, which is against the law in Indonesia, while Mr. Yudhoyono was giving a speech in the regional capital Ambon.

The protester was arrested and the activists say he was severely beaten. The government has denied the abuse allegations.

Mr. Yudhoyono has said he will reschedule the visit.

The activists are exiles from the South Maluku islands in eastern Indonesia. In the 1950s, they unsuccessfully sought to establish an independent state but were forced to flee to the Netherlands. ( voanews.com )

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