Alex Jones Infowars Moneybomb and Richmond surprisingly top news

Alex Jones Infowars Moneybomb and Richmond surprisingly top news. First Alex Jones, the controversial internet star, apparently is in trouble. While he has the traffic from his far-flung web business, Jones is not earning enough livable money. Infowars Moneybomb is an effort to change that. But why is he in trouble and what’s Richmond got to do with it.

According to Alex Jones’ past work, for example his blasts about reverse racism focusing on people no one ever heard of and elevating it to news, he gets a lot of attention. But Alex has never shown a number of advetisers on his site to make that effort translate to revenue. Infowars Moneybomb is an internet event that it doesn’t seem a lot of people are going to turn to. But the approach should be used by Richmond California to raise money for job training efforts – if the current mayor, Gayle McLaughlin, would be supportive of an idea not her own.

Because of that, the buzz in Richmond is around the candidacy of Maria Viramontes and Myrna Lopez. Two candidates Alex Jones would approve of. Viramontes and Lopez have been working to create good paying jobs that will drive economic development in Richmond. Viramontes and Lopez will listen to Richmond voters and support the issues they care about, including public safety and crime, jobs and education.

Viramontes and Lopez, two candidates for City Council in Richmond, California, who deserve their own Infowars Moneybomb. ( )

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