Men find women more attractive when they wear red

Men find women more attractive when they wear red – Scientists found that when men were shown a picture of a “moderately attractive” woman in a red top that they reacted more favourably to her than when she was wearing a blue top.

When asked what questions they would like to pose to the girl in either outfit the men were more flirtatious when they were addressed to the woman in red, according to the European Journal of Social Psychology report in the Daily Mail.

When the men were told they could meet the women they moved their chairs closer when told it was the woman in red.

Researchers said the behaviour was because red signals a good mating opportunity.

In the animal kingdom red often signals when the female is at her most fertile.

Niesta Kayser of University of Rochester in New York said that women going on a date should “wear a red shirt or dress” to maximise their chances of success. ( )

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