Lady Gaga cancels concerts amid French protest chaos

Lady Gaga cancels concerts amid French protest chaos – The French pension protests have hit fuel depots and threaten to destabilise the government, and have now claimed their latest victim – Lady Gaga.

The Bad Romance singer has postponed her concerts in Paris amid the standoff over a bill to raise the retirement age.

She has pushed the dates back from October 22 and 23 to December 19 and 20, according to a representative by Live Nation, the events company.

Lady Gaga will now perform in Paris in December Photo: AP

The Oscar-winning actor Tim Robbins, who was due to tour with his band, has also cancelled his trip to the capital.

The French Senate is wrapping up debate on the pension reform bill and could vote today or tomorrow.

Students are planning nationwide protests to urge legislators to strike it down.

More than a quarter of the nation’s petrol stations are out of fuel because strikers have been blocking oil refineries and fuel depots. Lady Gaga’s website says the singer postponed two Paris concerts “as there is no certainty the trucks can make it” to the show.

In Marseilles early on Thursday, passengers carried luggage on foot to reach the airport, blocked by union protesters. ( )

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