Mentawai Tsunami Death Toll Rises to 164, Marzuki Blamed People

Mentawai Tsunami Death Toll Rises to 164, Marzuki Blamed People – Lumbung Derma Command Post, a group of 29 NGOs and Mentawai student organizations in Padang, West Sumatra reported the death toll from Monday’s tsunami has climbed to 164 with hundreds still missing.

Yoseph, coordinator of the post, said hundreds of villagers are missing in four villages of Mentawai. According to their identification, most of the victims are people living in Betu Monga, Pagai Utara (58) and Malakopa, Pagai Selatan (86), reported.

West Sumatra governor Irwan Prayitno said bad weather condition is the main challenge for delivery of humanitarian aid to Mentawai. “We need bigger ships to deliver humanitarian aid to the island because the high tide,” Prayitno said.

House Speaker Marzuki Alie (politician from President SBY’s Demokrat Party) said “this is the risk of living in coastal area. Mentawai is far away. That’s the consequence of living in such island,” Marzuki is quoted by

Marzuki blamed people living in the coastal area. “Whoever afraid of high tides and waves, don’t live in coastal area. The question is, can you leave Mentawai despite early warnings two hours earlier?”

Marzuki suggested people live in Mentawai to be relocated to other areas. (

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