Spanish Prostitutes Ordered To Wear Safety Vests

Spanish Prostitutes Ordered To Wear Safety Vests – Spanish prostitutes have been ordered to wear reflective safety vests for their own safety, according to reports. Women working on rural roadsides in Catalonia must don the vests to avoid a €40 ($56) fine. Prostitution is not banned in Spain, but it has been outlawed in some cities. However, lack of the safety vests is the only reason to fine the women working outside of the Spanish city of Lleida, where the vest program is now in effect, as prostitution is not illegal outside of the city limits.

However, some see the move as an attempt by Mayor Josep Maria Bea of Lleida to drive the women out of town. There are an estimated 300,000 female sex workers in Spain, according to the Telegraph.

Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodrígue Zapatero promised to ban prostitution survey showed that one in four Spanish men admitted to paying for in newspapers, but has failed to do so. Meanwhile, a recent ( )

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