LinkedIn Expands Board Of Directors

LinkedIn Expands Board Of DirectorLinkedIn’s board of directors has grown again. This morning, it gained a new member in Stan Meresman, who’s accumulated quite a lot of experience dealing with companies of all sizes.

At the moment, Meresman is a board member at Hytrust (a private company), Meru Networks (which is public with a market cap of about $250 million), and Riverbed Technology (public with a market cap of $4 billion).

Previously, he’s been a board member at Lightsurf (private), Polycom (public with a market cap of $3 billion), Starfish Software (private), and VMware (public with a market cap of $32 billion), too.

So Meresman should have plenty of valuable advice to offer LinkedIn as the networking company continues to get bigger, and he may be able to help it go public, too, if/when LinkedIn decides to take that step.

Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn, at least confirmed in a statement, “As we continue to grow our business, we will truly benefit from Stan’s strong financial acumen and valuable experience. We feel very fortunate to be able to add someone of Stan’s caliber and experience to our board.”

Meresman is the seventh member of LinkedIn’s board of directors, which just included six individuals before today. ( )

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