The chupacabra Legend

The chupacabra Legend -The word comes from two Spanish words – ‘chupar’, to suck, and ‘cabra’, goat.

Popular legend uses the phrase to describe unknown animals that attack livestock, usually goats, and allegedly drink the animal’s blood.

The first alleged sighting was in 1995 in Puerto Rico, but reports have been made from as far north as Maine, U.S., to the south of Chile.

The bald, grey-skinned creature was shot and killed in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky, after it emerged from woodland into the garden of a home

Scientists this year speculated that the creatures could be coyotes infected by parasites after one animal was discovered in July following a fatal attack on livestock.

In 1995, eight sheep were found dead in Puerto Rico with near identical puncture wounds to the chest and completely drained of blood which spawned the legend of the chupacabra in Latin America.

Months later, the creature was allegedly spotted in Canóvanas, where as many as 150 animals had been killed.

Since then there have been attacks allegedly carried about the legendary creature across South and Central America, and even into New Mexico and Texas.

Descriptions of the chupacabra vary from reptilian with spikes or quills on its back to hairless dogs with fangs and claws ( dailymail )

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