Man saved when the mobile phone in his pocket deflects a bullet aimed at his chest

Man saved when the mobile phone in his pocket deflects a bullet aimed at his chest – A nightclub worker at a club called Halo was saved when his mobile phone deflected a bullet fired at him by a customer who had been thrown out.

Police in Atlanta, Georgia, said that parking attendant John Garber was hit in the chest when shots were fired at around 3 am.

A bullet hit the phone in his jacket pocket before it ricocheted off.

He suffered only minor injuries.

A parking attendant was saved when a bullet, fired by a disgruntled club goer and aimed at the valet’s chest, ricocheted off his mobile phone

Witnesses said the shooters were upset they had been kicked out the club by management, returning later and opening fire.

Two people, brothers Desmond and Timothy Wright, were arrested a short time later, and two handguns were found in their vehicle.

‘You owe me a new cell phone,’ the 30-year-old Garber told his boss, National Parking owner Marc Ebersole when he spoke to him hours later on a land line, as his mobile phone was ruined.

‘He said, “I’m fine, everything’s good”,’ Ebersole recalled in an interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Ebersole added: ‘Of course we’re going to take care of his cell phone.’ ( )

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