Beckham child: fourth baby could become star in own right

Beckham child: fourth baby could become star in own right – The newest child of David and Victoria Beckham, which is expected in the summer, is likely to become famous in its own right, as its three siblings have.

A recent poll for Asda found almost six out of 10 mothers saw the Beckhams children as “style inspiration” for their own offspring, while a quarter of women said they bought clothes like those they saw on celebrities’ children.

David and Victoria Beckham with sons Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo

Romeo, who is eight, was placed 26th on GQ’s best-dressed men list and regularly wears fashionable sunglasses. He was recently photographed in a black waistcoat-white tee-shirt combination. His godfather is Elton John.

Brooklyn, 11, whose godfather is also Elton, has Elizabeth Hurley as a godmother, as does Romeo. Brooklyn was the ring bearer at his parents‘ wedding. He was later named as a potential victim, with his mother, of a kidnap plot in 2000.

Cruz, five, was recently filmed break dancing and wore a tee-shirt with ” Born to be bad ” written on it, while sporting a mohawk hair cut at a basketball game in 2009. ( )


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