A Strong Strom and Floods are going to Hit Jakarta

A Strong Strom and Floods are going to Hit Jakarta – That the flooding in Jakarta will cause dozens of victims. The prediction are made scared. In this January, Jucelino had predicted 5.0 magnitude quake in Alaska in mid-January 2011, Earthquake in Hawaii January 23, 2011 in 21 of his predictions.

Who is the fortune-teller? he is a fortune teller accurate Prof. Jucelino Nobrega da Luz has many predictions proved true. Jucelino Nobrega da Luz was a Brazilian, born 1960, profession today is a school teacher, and with his wife and two children live a simple life, he is a very ordinary city dwellers.


The events that he predicted with a date, month, year incidence of major disasters and comes with clear instructions. In addition, for at a later date if there is a third party who doubted the validity of his predictions, predictions Jucelino always publicize events with dates and events, asking for approval notary bureau or the state postal service, making it easier for others to do the predictable pemeriksaan.Kejadian Jucelino already exceeds 80 000 cases

In 1989, a warning letter sent to the President of the American and British embassies, dated October 26, 1989 and recorded in the office of notary Klicheeba, in the town of Palana. In the letter also predicted that the year 1993 for the first time the WTC would be attacked, although not included the date of the attack, but attack the second time with a very clearly stated on September 11, 2001. The first WTC attack happened three and a half years after the warning letter is received that is the date of February 26, 1993, a case of blasting in the parking area that raises the dead and wounded, while the second attack occurred on 12 years later, ie 11 September 2001, “Case of 911 attacks carried out simultaneously by many terrorists “who have been shocking the world.

a/n Corner Mystery – A Strong Strom and Floods are going to Hit Jakarta

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