Maria Ester Garcia Polanco, " I Had Sex with Berluscon i"

Maria Ester Garcia Polanco, ” I Had Sex with Berlusconi – Maria Ester Garcia Polanco, 25, denied that she did so in exchange for money. But her admission makes her the first of the so-called “bunga bunga” girls – a group of 14 women whom Milan prosecutors allege had sex with the prime minister – to state publicly that she went to bed with him.

The model and aspiring showgirl, who is originally from the Dominican Republic, said she had sexual relations with the 74-year-old billionaire out of gratitude because he had paid for urgent medical treatment for her five-year-old daughter and helped her find work as a television showgirl, including on a programme called The Hot Chick and the Dork.

Maria Ester Garcia Polanco

In an interview in La Repubblica newspaper, she was asked whether she had ever had sexual relations with Mr Berlusconi and replied: “Yes, but never in exchange for money.” She said he was “generous and kind”.

Miss Polanco said she had attended “five or six” parties at Mr Berlusconi’s estate at Arcore, outside Milan, but denied that the soirees degenerated into “orgies”.

Her claim contradicts evidence amassed from hundreds of wire-tapped conversations between the women, Mr Berlusconi and his inner circle, in which witnesses said starlets, actresses and models danced around poles and performed stripteases before being picked for sex with the prime minister. ( )

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