Queen Elizabeth Sends Save-The-Date FAX For Royal Wedding

Queen Elizabeth Sends Save-The-Date FAX For Royal Wedding – Queen Elizabeth II sent out the save-the-dates for Prince William and Kate’s wedding to Europe’s sovereigns…by ye olde facsimile machine, the Daily Mail reports. A Buckingham Palace courtier told the British newspaper, “Faxes have been used before for large-scale events. They are an efficient and polite way to inform people as quickly as possible.”


But it’s not totally the dark ages over in London. Of note: the Royal Engagement was announced on Twitter and the Queen has both Facebook and Flickr pages.

Gold-embossed and handwritten invitations will be sent out to the 1,800 guests next month, according to the Mail, but thanks to the fax, some attendees are already confirmed for the nuptials of the year — like Greece’s King Constantine, his wife Queen Anne-Marie and their eldest son Crown Prince Pavlov, Serbia’s Crown Prince Alexander and his wife Crown Princess Katherine and members of the Romanian monarchy. ( huffingtonpost.com )

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