Is facebook really worth $50 billion?

Is facebook really worth $50 billion? – The breaking news was reported by Top newspapers all around the world in the beginning of NewYear that Facebook has raised $500 million from Goldman sachs and another russian investor and the transaction values the company at $ 50 billion. The news raised eyebrows of many financial experts, and triggered debates whether facebook was really worth $50 billion. ( Source: ) and recently mashable reported that, facebook has successfully raised another $1 billion and the investment came from some overseas investors thorough Goldman sachs. So a total of $ 1.5 billion. ( Source: )

This was really a good start for facebook as it planning for IPO in 2012, this was a good sign of investors’ appetite for facebook’s shares.

But, is Facebook really worth $ 50 billion? yes say many financial experts.

Facebook is growing faster than Google and yahoo. (wallstreet Journal)

Facebook was the most visited site last year, overtakes Google.

Facebook’s ad revenue was around $2 billion last year and is expected to increase to around $ 6 billion by 2012 .

Still, is facebook really worth $50 billion? (

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