Valentine’s Day kisses? Not if you’re on first date

Valentine’s Day kisses? Not if you’re on first dateSeven in ten people would never kiss somebody on a first date, according to a study.

Experts say it is because women are taking control of relationships and no longer feel pressured to kiss.

The average Briton has gone on ten first dates and, for six in ten people, the experience hasn’t gone well.
Awkward silences, nerves and having no chemistry were the most dreaded on a first encounter, while bad breath and body odour were the biggest turn-offs.

One in ten people said they had made a fool of themselves after drinking too much alcohol – men were the worst culprits.

Relationship guru Andy Jones said: ‘Women are far more empowered these days and are taking control of the men they date.

‘Women now take the lead when it comes to relationships so they may be less likely to give a guy a kiss just because he asks for one or she feels she ought to.’

The study of 2,000 people by Windows Live Messenger also revealed that women are more likely to ruin a date by bringing a friend along.

An unlucky 12 per cent of Britons have been stood up and eight per cent of men expect to be asked back to their date’s house for coffee – compared to just one per cent of women.

One in ten divorcees have had more than 50 first dates, compared to three per cent of single and married people. ( )

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